Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One more last try at this

so over the years, like I suspect a lot of people, I've tried and failed to maintain a blog. I always start with a flourish and then just eventually lose interest. Looking over them, I think my flaw was that I always tried to blog about something. I tried to blog about baseball, I tried to blog about music, I tried to blog about economics. I tried various mixes of topics. In the end I inevitably would go through a phase where I wasn't interested in whatever the topic was. I absolutely LOVE music. But I do go through periods when I don't really care all that much, or other interests predominate. Or maybe I'm even trying to write music and I don't have time to write about other people's music. The other topics I tried to blog about were even more inconsistent.

Why did I try to blog this way? Because most of the blogs I read and enjoy are written on a single topic. Most of the popular blogs are written this way. I guess I was trying to blog in order to interest other people like me in reading my blog. Which I think was the mistake. The whole reason I always start blogs is because I want to say things. I don't particularly care if others listen or not. So this blog will be just that. Me saying things. Whatever I want, regardless of how many people I think it will attract.

That's not to say I wouldn't love for people to respond and talk about the things I write, because I really would. I love conversation and while this is written for me, I'd also selfishly like to converse with others about the things I will be writing here.

Philosophically I've always tried to lead as open of a life as possible. To a certain extent I believe that you're not living right if you feel you must hide things from people. So I am getting the things I think about out there, in the hope that it makes me feel more at ease and open with who I am, and just maybe have a few more people understand who I am.

As to the topics you're likely to see expect a lot about music, sports, and my own sort of mish-mashed together philosophy.

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