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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Day 5 - Blues and Rock

Went to see my uncle's band play at the Hotel Aiken.  Then to Metro in downtown Augusta to see some friends play.  Here are what I thought were my best from each (click on the pictures for an enlarged view):

Jim Marshall has always been one of my heroes.  So I guess that makes my default way of thinking about shooting live music in black and white.  The thing people may not realize about shooting live music is that while the music may be extremely dynamic,  if you just steadily shot, 95% of the pictures would be indiscernable from one another.  I think the variance in the music makes us think that visually more is going on than actually is.  But really, there's only so much you can do while playing an instrument without it seeming kitschy.  So, you have to get sort of 'creative' with angles and lighting and so on if you're going to make the pictures interesting.

I grew up with my aunt and uncle and I bought him the guitar he's playing in the above picture, so it has sentimental value for me anyway.  But I like the sort of reverse silhouette (no idea if that's a real term) this picture has going on.

I like the Egnater Amps advertisement vibe this picture gives off.  My long time best friend Michael is on the left of the picture with his R9 Gibson Les Paul.

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